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Birder & Video Gamer? Check out Alba, and Our Fun Spoof T-Shirt

Have you heard of Alba, the wildlife adventure game you can play online? Players use a guide book to identify birds and animals, and keep track of all they have observed. The focus is on both exploration and conservation. The game is currently available to play on iOS, macOS, and PC; it will be available on consoles starting June 9th. You can find more about Alba here: Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Birder Dads

If you're looking for a Father's Day gift for your birdwatching dad, or perhaps for a birding mentor who is also a father figure, consider a fun t-shirt gift idea that highlights both the hobby and fatherhood in the same design. Here are some fun options.

Reminder: Father's Day is Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Birdwatching Dad Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

This long sleeve t-shirt features bold text that reads Birdwatching Dad. The following text is in the style of a dictionary listing, defining the noun as" Like a Normal Dad but Cooler." The slogan is accompanied by an image of a Blue Jay in flight.

Dad: Birdwatching Legend T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

This monotone typography t-shirt design in orange reads Dad | The Man | The Myth | The Birdwatching Legend. A bird in silhouette is shown between the lines.

This Daddy Loves Bird Funny T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

This fun logo design reads "This Daddy Loves Bird Since Years". The text is ironically stilted, making the t-shirt a funny gift idea for a birdwatching dad with a great sense of humor.

Being a Dad Fun Birdwatcher T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

This dynamic typography design features a long slogan that evokes the joys of birding and fatherhood. "There Aren't Many Things I Love More Than Birdwatching But One of Them is Being a Dad" is printed in mixed white fonts. The design really pops on a black t-shirt but would look great on any of the variety of dark colored shirts available for purchase.

Birds Well With Others T-Shirt

Get Ready for Warbler Neck Awareness Month

The warblers are coming! May is Warbler Neck Awareness month, for obvious reasons (to birders, at least). Spread some cheeky fun in the field with our unique Warbler Neck cerulean blue feather awareness ribbon apparel like the ones featured below.

Simple Blue Warbler Neck Awareness Ribbon T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

The bold cerulean blue feather ribbon logo looks great on a light blue t-shirt like the one shown here. For spreading the message in subtle style.

Warbler Neck Awareness Trucker Hat

Found on Zazzle

A silhouette warbler joins the feather logo on this message trucker hat. Keep the sun from your eyes as you look up into the budding canopy. Shown here on a Royal Blue hat, you can pick from several other different hat colors to best match your style.

Support Warbler Neck Awareness Cartoon Birder T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

This design features a cartoon birder looking straight up through binoculars. My neck hurts just looking at it. Shown here on a black t-shirt, this design with light and white text looks great on other dark apparel styles; use Zazzle's tool to pick your favorite t-shirt color and style combo.

Using Zazzle's Tools to Put Birder Gifts Designs on Any Product

Our apparel and gifts are created on demand by our partner Zazzle. When an order is placed, Zazzle jumps into action to create your custom one of a kind gift. We keep our offering simple, showing you a handful of products for each of our birder designs, but Zazzle's full catalog is massive! Using Zazzle's easy customization tools, shoppers can place designs on virtually any product type in their vast catalog. This can be done easily using either a desktop or mobile device. Here is an example of how to use Zazzle's tools to do this on a desktop computer.

Step 1: Pick your design! For this example, we'll use Bin There, Done That.

As of this post, Bin There, Done That has 6 different products immediately available in our shop. You can click on any of these products to go to the product page on Zazzle.

Note that in this particular section, there is also a handy link at the bottom that says: View all products with this design. Clicking on this link will bring you to Step 3 below. This option may not always be available in every section of our shop.

Let's click on the first item on the page, the Bin There, Done That Trucker Hat. This will bring you to the product page for this item on Zazzle.

Step 2: Transfer the design to a new product on Zazzle!

Scroll down a little bit on the product page until you see the text Transfer design to a product. Below the text, you'll see a few different product examples from which you can choose. You can even scroll to the right to see more examples. But wait, there's more!

The first option in the row is what we'll choose right now: View all products. Note that the small text below reads Choose from over 1000 products. We have highlighted the option in yellow with a red outline in the example photo at left.

View all products for Bin There, Done That gives you the option to place this design on any product that Zazzle offers!

Step 3: Pick your new product and (optionally) further customize your selection.

When you arrive on the Choose a Product page, you can see just some of Zazzle's options presented. There is a search bar, where you can type in anything! Discover new products by testing out this feature.

For our example, we typed in backpack and found that Zazzle offers a Drawstring Backpack. When we click on Drawstring Backpack, we are brought to a brand new product page, created on the spot based on our selection.

You can further customize the backpack on the product page. Click on the blue Edit Design button on the product page to make changes to the background color or size and placement of design, or add custom elements like your own text or images.

On Mobile:

You have similar options when you look at transferring a design using Zazzle's app on your mobile device. From the Birder Gifts page, you can click on the View all products with this design link at the bottom, when available, as mentioned in Step 1 above. Directly from the Zazzle app product page, you will be limited to transferring the design to one of the example options presented (be sure to scroll to the right to see all options).