Magnets for Birders

Birds Well With Others Magnet – This retro-styled design reads "Birds Well With Others." If you prefer birding with a group or with your local club, this cute design is for you.... View on Zazzle
Content Rated B: Birder Magnet – This fun spoof design is based on the rating system used for video games. In this case, your label indicates you are rated as a Birder.... View on Zazzle
Put Out For Birds (kids) Magnet – A whimsical image of children feeding birds, and even enjoying the company of a hungry squirrel. Birder and backyard bird lover humor has text "I Put... View on Zazzle
No Outdoor Cats Magnet – Show support for cats indoors initiatives with this graphic design. A cat is shown with a bird in its belly; the entire image is inside a... View on Zazzle
The Goldfinch Magnet – The Goldfinch View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Chestnut-backed Chickadee Magnet – Louis Agassiz Fuertes created this gorgeous painting of a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees in the early 1900's. Two birds perch and feed on a pine branch... View on Zazzle
Original Hummer Magnet – When you hear the word hummer, do you think of an oversized vehicle or North America's smallest bird? If you think of the flower-loving flyers, you... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Gray Jay in snow Magnet – This gorgeous illustration of a Gray Jay is by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. This classic bird art reproduction makes a great gift idea... View on Zazzle
Swallow-tailed Kite cartoon Magnet – This is a cartoon-style image of a Swallow-tailed Kite in flight. These striking birds are absolutely unmistakable when seen in flight. You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle
Close? You Wanna See Close?! Magnet – When you need a snowcock for your year list, you might need to get close to the mountains. Climb aboard the helicopter and WEEE!! You can... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Gray Jay in pine Magnet – This gorgeous illustration of a Gray Jay is by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. The bird is perched on a pine branch. This classic... View on Zazzle
iBand Orange Magnet – A cute spoof of the iPod ad campaign made just for bird banders! iBand in orange. You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around,... View on Zazzle
I Put Out For Birds (little boy) Magnet – An innocent image of a little boy feeding birds. This cheeky design reads "I Put Out For Birds" and complements our best-seller which features the same... View on Zazzle
Idaho Birder Magnet – This gothic-style shield design reads Idaho Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
Black-bellied Whistling Duck Magnet – We captured this image of a Black-bellied Whistling Duck swimming in a pond along Florida's Space Coast. See how the bird's beauty is reflected in the... View on Zazzle
Bin There Done That Magnet – Chased the latest rare vagrant already? Seen all the breeding birds in your local patch? Visited far-away places to add to your lifelist? Maybe you've Bin... View on Zazzle
To Find the Birds Magnet – A simple zen-like statement for anyone who wants to see birds. How do you see great birds? Rare birds? New birds? "to find the birds you... View on Zazzle
Periodic Table of Birding Magnet – Do you know all of the elements that go into birding? Keywords like Habitat, Migration, and Travel join birding legends RTP, Sibley and others along with... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Brown Pelican Magnet – A beautiful Brown Pelican is featured in this reproduced art painting by John James Audubon. View on Zazzle
Anthophile Magnet – An anthophile is someone that loves or is attracted to flowers, or something that feeds on flowers. That sounds like a perfect description of our little... View on Zazzle
Keulemans' Philippine Hanging Parrot Magnet – This is a reproduction of J. G. Keulmans' painting of two Philippine Hanging Parrots. The Dutch bird illustrator painted this work in approximately 1872. Customize this... View on Zazzle
iBand Magnet – A cute spoof of the iPod ad campaign made just for bird banders! You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around, change the color... View on Zazzle
Great Egret Magnet – This original photo of a Great Egret was captured in 2009 on Florida's Space Coast. This is a beautiful image of a striking large wading bird. Perfect for bird lovers. View on Zazzle
Eat Sleep Bird (blind) Magnet – This spoof design shows icons for three important things: Eat | Sleep | Bird. The images resemble those found along highways, for travelers. Here the image... View on Zazzle