Magnets for Birders

IBWO: iLive Magnet – This spoof design has the silhouette of a woodpecker with a nearly-white bill. A popular ad spoof done for birders and Ivory-billed Woodpecker enthusiasts. You can... View on Zazzle
The Goldfinch Magnet – The Goldfinch View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Chestnut-backed Chickadee Magnet – Louis Agassiz Fuertes created this gorgeous painting of a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees in the early 1900's. Two birds perch and feed on a pine branch... View on Zazzle
Original Hummer Magnet – When you hear the word hummer, do you think of an oversized vehicle or North America's smallest bird? If you think of the flower-loving flyers, you... View on Zazzle
Pish Off! Magnet – Pishing for birds, again? The birds might tell you to pish off if they catch on to what you're up to. Calling birds in, just to... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Blue Jays Magnet – Three Blue Jays painted by John James Audubon in late 1825. The three birds are stealing eggs, probably from a dove or quail nest. Of Blue... View on Zazzle
The Goldfinch Stone Magnet – The Goldfinch View on Zazzle
BIRD O'Clock Magnet – Getting ready to go birding often means an early wake-up time. But really, we all know that any time is a great time to go birding.... View on Zazzle
Keulemans' Philippine Hanging Parrot Magnet – This is a reproduction of J. G. Keulmans' painting of two Philippine Hanging Parrots. The Dutch bird illustrator painted this work in approximately 1872. Customize this... View on Zazzle
Bird Bander Seal Magnet – This seal reads Federally Licensed Bird Bander. A cute gift for someone who just got her or his bird banding certification. View on Zazzle
Periodic Table of Birding Magnet – Do you know all of the elements that go into birding? Keywords like Habitat, Migration, and Travel join birding legends RTP, Sibley and others along with... View on Zazzle
Eurasian Spoonbill Magnet – This original photograph of a Eurasian Spoonbill was taken on the island of Texel in the Netherlands. These birds breed on Texel and in other parts... View on Zazzle
Happy Band Of Birders Magnet – A design done in Shakespearean text reads "We few, we happy few, we band of birders." You can totally customize this gift! Add text, change the... View on Zazzle
bird a hol ic magnet – This funny birder design is formatted as a definition that would be found in the dictionary. Here the word is birdaholic and the definition is "one... View on Zazzle
Put Out For Birds (kids) Magnet – A whimsical image of children feeding birds, and even enjoying the company of a hungry squirrel. Birder and backyard bird lover humor has text "I Put... View on Zazzle
Property of Ringing Department Magnet – This collegiate-style design is for anyone who rings (or bands) birds. You'll look official at the banding station with Property of Ringing Dept swag! You... View on Zazzle
Anti-Squirrel Magnet – I love all animals, really I do. But if these *(!*&#*( squirrels break one more of my bird feeders... furry rodent heads are going to roll!... View on Zazzle
May Warbler Neck Awareness Month Magnet – May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month! Show your support for all birders and spread awareness of the pain of warbler neck by sporting this original design.... View on Zazzle
Birds Well With Others Magnet – This retro-styled design reads "Birds Well With Others." If you prefer birding with a group or with your local club, this cute design is for you.... View on Zazzle
The Art of Twitchcraft Magnet – This fun text-based design for birders reads "Practiced in the Art of Twitchcraft." This refers to the birding activity "twitching" - if you do it, this... View on Zazzle
Content Rated B: Birder Magnet – This fun spoof design is based on the rating system used for video games. In this case, your label indicates you are rated as a Birder.... View on Zazzle
Great Horned Owl Portrait Magnet – An extreme close-up of a Great Horned Owl in profile. Great Horned Owls are nature's ultimate predator, and this is an intimate look at the amazing... View on Zazzle
Without Birding One Weak Magnet – This fun text design for birders reads "7 DAYS WITHOUT BIRDING MAKES ONE WEAK". The longer you go without birding, the weaker you get - it... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Magnet – This great gift for bird lovers features a reproduction of a painting by famed ornithological artist John James Audubon. Three Ivory-billed Woodpeckers hunt for bugs in... View on Zazzle