Keychains for Birders

Without Birding One Weak Keychain – This fun text design for birders reads "7 DAYS WITHOUT BIRDING MAKES ONE WEAK". The longer you go without birding, the weaker you get - it... View on Zazzle
Birding Flu Keychain – Forget bird flu - this is much more serious! A funny design for birders. Text reads "I've Got A Bad Case Of Birding Flu." You can... View on Zazzle
Stylized Kiwi Keychain – Kiwi are flightless birds of New Zealand. They are a symbol of the island nation. Unfortunately all five species of Kiwi are endangered. This design is... View on Zazzle
Oregon Birder Keychain – This gothic-style shield design reads Oregon Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
Warbler Neck Awareness Keychain – Warbler Neck affects birders each spring season, coinciding with migration and heightened birdwatching activities. This original design features the cerulean blue warbler neck awareness ribbon, which... View on Zazzle
American Dippers Like It Wet Keychain – Get your mind out of the gutter -- American Dippers are well-known for their unique underwater foraging technique. This original design for birders and bird lovers... View on Zazzle
Thermal Rider Keychain – This text & graphic design has a stylized illustration of a vulture soaring in silhouette. The text reads Thermal Rider and refers to the raptor flying... View on Zazzle
Eat Sleep Bird (blind) Keychain – This spoof design shows icons for three important things: Eat | Sleep | Bird. The images resemble those found along highways, for travelers. Here the image... View on Zazzle
Extinction Is Forever Keychain – Extinction is forever. Seven extinct bird species are shown in the letters of "forever." You can totally customize this item. Add text, change the color, move... View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Egyptian Vulture Keychain – This beautiful illustration of an Egyptian Vulture was painted by American ornithologist Louis Agassiz Fuertes. This lovely bird art gift idea is perfect for birdwatchers and... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Brown Pelican Keychain – A beautiful Brown Pelican is featured in this reproduced art painting by John James Audubon. View on Zazzle
Brooks' Gray Jay in snow Keychain – This gorgeous illustration of a Gray Jay is by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. This classic bird art reproduction makes a great gift idea... View on Zazzle
Bird Bander Seal Keychain – This seal reads Federally Licensed Bird Bander. A cute gift for someone who just got her or his bird banding certification. View on Zazzle
Woodpecker Tongue Anatomy Keychain – This classic illustration shows the barbs on a woodpecker's tongue. The side-view of a woodpecker face, probably a Hairy Woodpecker, is accompanied by a close-up inset... View on Zazzle
Asselijn's The Threatened Swan Keychain – The Threatened Swan is an oil painting by Dutch artist Jan Asselijn. The large white bird is defending its nest from a dog attack. Today the... View on Zazzle
Birder 3 keychain – This cute and funny Birder 3 gift is inspired by a beloved children's book and will no doubt bring a smile to anyone's face! Birder Three... View on Zazzle
Twitched and Lost... Keychain – This fun birder gift is a play on the famous line by Shakespeare. Here the quote has a birder theme and reads "'Tis better to have... View on Zazzle
I Bird Keychain – That old postal slogan is back, here with a twist just for birders. No matter the weather, you're a birder. A fun, original design for birdwatchers!... View on Zazzle
Swallow-tailed Kite cartoon Keychain – This is a cartoon-style image of a Swallow-tailed Kite in flight. These striking birds are absolutely unmistakable when seen in flight. You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck Keychain – This lovely image of a solitary swimming Black-bellied Whistling Duck was snapped in a pond along Florida's Space Coast. The bird's striking and beautiful plumage is... View on Zazzle
Federally Licensed Bird Rehabber Keychain – This official-looking seal design reads "Federally Licensed Bird Rehabber" and includes a Bald Eagle. Perfect for anyone that cares for raptors or does any other licensed bird rehabilitation. View on Zazzle
I See Birds Eyechart Keychain – This funny design is based on an ophthalmologist's eye chart and reads I see birds everywhere I go. You can totally customize this gift! Add text,... View on Zazzle
Pop Art Owl Face Keychain – A stylized Great Horned Owl face is shown in a colorful pop-art style pattern. You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around, change the... View on Zazzle
Premium Quality Birder Keychain – This fun design looks like an old-fashioned ink stamp. Done in an inky dark blue and distressed for a vintage look, the circular design reads PREMIUM... View on Zazzle