Postcards for Birders

iBand Postcard – A cute spoof of the iPod ad campaign made just for bird banders! You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around, change the color... View on Zazzle
Warbler Neck Ribbon Postcard – This simple Warbler Neck awareness ribbon design is a great way to show your support for all birders during the busy migration season. The awareness ribbon... View on Zazzle
Stylized Macaw Postcard – This stylish design is a Macaw drawn using bold lines. A fun gift idea for anyone that loves these big colorful birds. You can totally customize... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Blue Jays Postcard – Three Blue Jays painted by John James Audubon in late 1825. The three birds are stealing eggs, probably from a dove or quail nest. Of Blue... View on Zazzle
American Dippers Like It Wet Postcard – Get your mind out of the gutter -- American Dippers are well-known for their unique underwater foraging technique. This original design for birders and bird lovers... View on Zazzle
Eat Sleep Bird (bins) Postcard – This spoof design shows icons for three important things: Eat | Sleep | Bird. The images resemble those found along highways, for travelers. A great gift... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Magnolia Warbler Postcard – When John James Audubon painted these Magnolia Warblers, he called them Black & Yellow Warblers. Whatever you name them, the birds in this reproduced work are... View on Zazzle
Weber's Evening Grosbeak Postcard – This beautiful illustration of an Evening Grosbeak is by Chicago artist Walter A. Weber. The colorful finch is part of a larger work which also included... View on Zazzle
Keulemans' Philippine Hanging Parrot Postcard – This is a reproduction of J. G. Keulmans' painting of two Philippine Hanging Parrots. The Dutch bird illustrator painted this work in approximately 1872. Customize this... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Gray Jay in snow Postcard – This gorgeous illustration of a Gray Jay is by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. This classic bird art reproduction makes a great gift idea... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Postcard – This great gift for bird lovers features a reproduction of a painting by famed ornithological artist John James Audubon. Three Ivory-billed Woodpeckers hunt for bugs in... View on Zazzle
Rufous Treepie Postcard – Rufous Treepies are corvids, the same family as magpies. We saw this beautiful orange bird while on safari in India and we couldn't resist taking his... View on Zazzle
Anti-Squirrel Postcard – I love all animals, really I do. But if these *(!*&#*( squirrels break one more of my bird feeders... furry rodent heads are going to roll!... View on Zazzle
Oregon Birder Postcard – This gothic-style shield design reads Oregon Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Night Heron or Qua-Bird Postcard – This is a beautiful reproduced art work by John James Audubon. The species is the Black-crowned Night-heron and an adult and juvenile are featured. In Audubon's... View on Zazzle
bird a hol ic postcard – This funny birder design is formatted as a definition that would be found in the dictionary. Here the word is birdaholic and the definition is "one... View on Zazzle
Barred Owl Portrait Postcard – An extreme close-up of a Barred Owl. Barred Owls are nature's ultimate predator, and this is an intimate look at the amazing face of a beautiful bird of prey. View on Zazzle
Extinction Is Forever Postcard – Extinction is forever. Seven extinct bird species are shown in the letters of "forever." You can totally customize this item. Add text, change the color, move... View on Zazzle
Weber's Baltimore Oriole Postcard – This beautiful illustration of a Baltimore Oriole is by Chicago artist Walter A. Weber. With a bright blue sky background and the vivid orange plumage of... View on Zazzle
Woodpecker Tongue Anatomy Postcard – This classic illustration shows the barbs on a woodpecker's tongue. The side-view of a woodpecker face, probably a Hairy Woodpecker, is accompanied by a close-up inset... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Turkey Vulture Postcard – This artwork by John James Audubon features a pair of Turkey Vultures. The artwork is stripped of its caption and other texts and shows only the... View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Egyptian Vulture Postcard – This beautiful illustration of an Egyptian Vulture was painted by American ornithologist Louis Agassiz Fuertes. This lovely bird art gift idea is perfect for birdwatchers and... View on Zazzle
iRing Orange Postcard – A cute spoof design for bird ringers! iRing in orange - other colors available. Note the white band on the bird. You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle
Montana Birder Postcard – This gothic-style shield design reads Montana Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle