Postcards for Birders

Weber's Plovers & Turnstones Postcard – This beautiful illustration of a Golden Plover and Ruddy Turnstone on the beach is by Chicago artist Walter A. Weber. The hues in this gorgeous reproduced... View on Zazzle
Brooks' American Dipper Postcard – This is a beautiful illustration of an American Dipper by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. The remarkable water-loving bird drawing is part of a... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Snowy Owls Postcard – The stationery, art and gift items here feature a reproduction of John James Audubon's Snowy Owl. The original illustration was published in Audubon's famous work "The... View on Zazzle
I Put Out Postcard – A whimsical image of children feeding birds, and even enjoying the company of a hungry squirrel. Caption reads I PUT OUT FOR BIRDS. A cute card for bird lovers that put out. View on Zazzle
The Goldfinch Postcard – The Goldfinch View on Zazzle
Stylized Macaw Postcard – This stylish design is a Macaw drawn using bold lines. A fun gift idea for anyone that loves these big colorful birds. You can totally customize... View on Zazzle
Woodpecker Tongue Anatomy Postcard – This classic illustration shows the barbs on a woodpecker's tongue. The side-view of a woodpecker face, probably a Hairy Woodpecker, is accompanied by a close-up inset... View on Zazzle
Warbler Neck Awareness Postcard – Warbler Neck affects birders each spring season, coinciding with migration and heightened birdwatching activities. This original design features the cerulean blue warbler neck awareness ribbon, which... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Magnolia Warbler Postcard – When John James Audubon painted these Magnolia Warblers, he called them Black & Yellow Warblers. Whatever you name them, the birds in this reproduced work are... View on Zazzle
Anti-Squirrel Postcard – I love all animals, really I do. But if these *(!*&#*( squirrels break one more of my bird feeders... furry rodent heads are going to roll!... View on Zazzle
Diagnosis: Bird-Brained Postcard – This fun design for birders has an x-ray of a brain full of little bird silhouettes. The text reads "Diagnosis: Bird-brained." This cute original design is... View on Zazzle
Barred Owl Portrait Postcard – An extreme close-up of a Barred Owl. Barred Owls are nature's ultimate predator, and this is an intimate look at the amazing face of a beautiful bird of prey. View on Zazzle
Talk Birdy To Me Postcard – Bold text reads "Talk Birdy To Me" with cut-out birds making up part of the letters. Let people know what really turns you on - birds!... View on Zazzle
B/W Barred Owl Pop Art Postcard – This photo manipulation art design is a portrait of a beautiful Barred Owl in high-contrast black-and-white. The image has been inverted in some of the squares... View on Zazzle
I Bird Postcard – That old postal slogan is back, here with a twist just for birders. No matter the weather, you're a birder. A fun, original design for birdwatchers!... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Western Scrub-Jay Postcard – This colorful painting of a Western Scrub-Jay is by Canadian ornithologist and artist Allan Brooks. A classic bird illustration makes a great gift idea for anyone... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Postcard – This great gift for bird lovers features a reproduction of a painting by famed ornithological artist John James Audubon. Three Ivory-billed Woodpeckers hunt for bugs in... View on Zazzle
Anthophile Postcard – An anthophile is someone that loves or is attracted to flowers, or something that feeds on flowers. That sounds like a perfect description of our little... View on Zazzle
Original Hummer Postcard – When you hear the word hummer, do you think of an oversized vehicle or North America's smallest bird? If you think of the flower-loving flyers, you... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Steller's Jay Postcard – This beautiful, bold painting of a Steller's Jay is by noted Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. This classic bird art reproduction makes a great... View on Zazzle
Stylized Heron in Flight Postcard – Thick lines make up this simple drawing of a heron or egret in flight. You can totally customize this gift! Move the bird around, change... View on Zazzle
Eat Sleep Bird (bins) Postcard – This spoof design shows icons for three important things: Eat | Sleep | Bird. The images resemble those found along highways, for travelers. A great gift... View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Chestnut-backed Chickadee Postcard – Louis Agassiz Fuertes created this gorgeous painting of a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees in the early 1900's. Two birds perch and feed on a pine branch... View on Zazzle
To Find the Birds Postcard – A simple zen-like statement for anyone who wants to see birds. How do you see great birds? Rare birds? New birds? "to find the birds you... View on Zazzle