Buttons for Birders

Find pinback buttons and novelty lapel pins for birdwatchers and bird lovers. Our unique designs are fun gift ideas and stocking stuffers for birders of all levels. Add a fun bird-themed pin to your binocular strap, birding backpack, Tilley hat, or safari vest.

iBand Green Button – A cute spoof of the iPod ad campaign made just for bird banders! iBand in green. You can totally customize this gift! Move the design... View on Zazzle
Federally Licensed Bird Rehabber Button – This official-looking seal design reads "Federally Licensed Bird Rehabber" and includes a Bald Eagle. Perfect for anyone that cares for raptors or does any other licensed bird rehabilitation. View on Zazzle
IBWO: iLive Button – This spoof design has the silhouette of a woodpecker with a nearly-white bill. A popular ad spoof done for birders and Ivory-billed Woodpecker enthusiasts. You can... View on Zazzle
Birds Well With Others Button – This retro-styled design reads "Birds Well With Others." If you prefer birding with a group or with your local club, this cute design is for you.... View on Zazzle
Is That A Scope In Your Pocket...? Button – A cheeky cartoon birds asks "Is that a scope in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Some birds get birders more excited... View on Zazzle
Peace Love Bird Button – Three circles represent peace, love, and bird (the verb). A heart, a peace symbol and a pair of binoculars make up this fun design for birdwatchers.... View on Zazzle
Common Chaffinch Button – This original image is of a beautiful singing male Common Chaffinch. Chaffinches were common in our backyard when we lived in the Netherlands but we had... View on Zazzle
got scope? button – Got scope? A funny spoof design for any birder! You can totally customize this gift! Add text, change the color, move the design around, pick a... View on Zazzle
The Mozart of Birders Pinback Button – A birding maestro, that's you. It's not like you're comparing yourself to Gandhi, right? It's more like you're the Mozart of Birding. Now go beat that year record! View on Zazzle
Retro-style Birder Pinback Button – This original design reads "Birder" in a retro style with colored squares. Proud to be a birdwatcher? Sure you are! Wear it with this fun, colorful design! View on Zazzle
Weber's Hooded Warbler Button – This beautiful illustration of a Hooded Warbler is by Chicago artist Walter A. Weber. The hues in this gorgeous reproduced painting have been pumped up to... View on Zazzle
Birding Legends Button – Do you know these guys? If you're a birder, at least a couple of these names should be familiar. Maybe this will help: Jonsson &... View on Zazzle
iRing Button – A cute spoof design for bird ringers! Note the white band on the bird. You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around, change the... View on Zazzle
Extinction Is Forever Button – Extinction is forever. Seven extinct bird species are shown in the letters of "forever." You can totally customize this item. Add text, change the color, move... View on Zazzle
Woodpecker Tongue Anatomy Pinback Button – This classic illustration shows the barbs on a woodpecker's tongue. The side-view of a woodpecker face, probably a Hairy Woodpecker, is accompanied by a close-up inset... View on Zazzle
Massachusetts "Mass" Birder Pinback Button – This gothic-style shield design reads Mass Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
IBWO: I Believe Button – The Ivory-billed Woodpecker made the news when it was rediscovered after it was thought to be extinct. Concrete evidence eludes bird experts so the bird may... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Night Heron or Qua-Bird Pinback Button – This is a beautiful reproduced art work by John James Audubon. The species is the Black-crowned Night-heron and an adult and juvenile are featured. In Audubon's... View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Pomarine Jaeger Pinback Button – The Pomarine Jaeger, or Pomarine Skua, is a large seabird and the largest bird in the jaeger / skua family. It looks like they've got an... View on Zazzle
iBand Button – A cute spoof of the iPod ad campaign made just for bird banders! You can totally customize this gift! Move the design around, change the color... View on Zazzle
Pish Off! Button – Pishing for birds, again? The birds might tell you to pish off if they catch on to what you're up to. Calling birds in, just to... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Mourning Dove Button – This great gift for bird lovers features a reproduction of a painting by famed ornithological artist John James Audubon. Four Mourning Doves are painted this incredibly... View on Zazzle
Old Birders Never Die Pinback Button – Did you know that old birders never die? Reaching the end just means the lifelist is complete and all birds have been seen. A fun gift... View on Zazzle
got birds? pinback button – This cute spoof design asks "got birds"? in simple lower-case black or white text. The style or background color can be customized on this birder gift... View on Zazzle