Stickers for Birders

Find bumper stickers and decorative stickers designed for birders and bird lovers. These birdwatcher stickers are a great way to show others you're a birder! Add a bumper sticker to your car or add birding stickers to your laptop, water bottle, cooler, or binoculars.

Citizen Scientist (Pencil) Classic Round Sticker – Are you helping science by recording your observations, conducting field studies or through other volunteer efforts? This cute design is made for you! "Citizen Scientist" is... View on Zazzle
Pleased pleased pleased to meet ya! bumper sticker – Who else but a Chestnut-sided Warbler could be so enthusiastic about meeting you? Nobody, that's who. They're so excited they are heard to say "Pleased pleased... View on Zazzle
Original Hummer Classic Round Sticker – When you hear the word hummer, do you think of an oversized vehicle or North America's smallest bird? If you think of the flower-loving flyers, you... View on Zazzle
IBWO: I Believe Classic Round Sticker – The Ivory-billed Woodpecker made the news when it was rediscovered after it was thought to be extinct. Concrete evidence eludes bird experts so the bird may... View on Zazzle
Brooks' Robins Rectangular Sticker – This is a beautiful illustration of an adult American Robin and a fledgling by Canadian bird artist and ornithologist Allan Brooks. The colorful birds are part... View on Zazzle
Pisher Made of Elements Bumper Sticker – Pishing is the calling of birds by whispering, shushing your lips, or any other noise-making act, even including kissing your hands! This fun original birder design... View on Zazzle
Bird Bander Seal – This seal reads Federally Licensed Bird Bander. A cute gift for someone who just got her or his bird banding certification. View on Zazzle
Peace Love Bird Bumper Sticker – Three circles represent peace, love, and bird (the verb). A heart, a peace symbol and a pair of binoculars make up this fun design for birdwatchers.... View on Zazzle
#birding bumper sticker – Remember save some of your 140 characters for your hashtag. If you're tweeting about birding, you'll need these 8 characters. Don't forget when you sport this... View on Zazzle
Warbler Neck Ribbon Bumper Sticker – This simple Warbler Neck awareness ribbon design is a great way to show your support for all birders during the busy migration season. The awareness ribbon... View on Zazzle
Diagnosis: Bird-Brained Classic Round Sticker – This fun design for birders has an x-ray of a brain full of little bird silhouettes. The text reads "Diagnosis: Bird-brained." This cute original design is... View on Zazzle
Periodic Table of Birding Bumper Sticker – Do you know all of the elements that go into birding? Keywords like Habitat, Migration, and Travel join birding legends RTP, Sibley and others along with... View on Zazzle
Stylized Grouse Classic Round Sticker – A Greater Sage Grouse illustration drawn in simple lines in shades of tan and brown. This original design is great for anyone that is fascinated by... View on Zazzle
The Early Birder Gets The Tick Bumper Sticker – Ever give your birding friend a hard time for waking early for his hobby? This smokin' design reads The Early Birder Gets The Tick. You've got... View on Zazzle
Oklahoma Birder Bumper Sticker – This gothic-style shield design reads Oklahoma Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
Quincy, Illinois 2015 Ivory Gull Oval Sticker – Did you get to see the most wanted bird in North America in early 2015? A beautiful adult Ivory Gull, a bird of the arctic north,... View on Zazzle
Texas Birder Bumper Sticker – This gothic-style shield design reads Texas Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
poor Sam Peabody Bumper Sticker – Oh, poor poor Sam Peabody. Wait a minute, do you even know who Sam Peabody is? If you feel sorry for Sam, what about all the... View on Zazzle
Fuertes' Chestnut-backed Chickadee Classic Round Sticker – Louis Agassiz Fuertes created this gorgeous painting of a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees in the early 1900's. Two birds perch and feed on a pine branch... View on Zazzle
Anti-Squirrel Classic Round Sticker – I love all animals, really I do. But if these *(!*&#*( squirrels break one more of my bird feeders... furry rodent heads are going to roll!... View on Zazzle
iRing Green Classic Round Sticker – A cute spoof design for bird ringers! Note the white band on the bird. iRing in green. You can totally customize this gift! Move the design... View on Zazzle
Keep Calm and Carry Bins Bumper Sticker – This fun design for birders is inspired by the British wartime morale-boosting "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. Here the text reads "Keep Calm and Carry... View on Zazzle
Delaware Birder Square Sticker – This gothic-style shield design reads Delaware Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
BILF CLASSIC ROUND STICKER – You've heard of MILFs, but did you know about this one - the BILF? That's a Bird I'd Like to Find. Of course this refers to... View on Zazzle