T-Shirts & Apparel for Birders

North Carolina Birder Hoodie – This gothic-style shield design reads North Carolina Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made... View on Zazzle
Extinction Is Forever T-Shirt – Extinction is forever. Seven extinct bird species are shown in the letters of "forever." You can totally customize this item. Add text, change the color, move... View on Zazzle
Old Birders Never Die T-Shirt – Did you know that old birders never die? Reaching the end just means the lifelist is complete and all birds have been seen. A fun gift... View on Zazzle
BIRD O'Clock T-Shirt – Getting ready to go birding often means an early wake-up time. But really, we all know that any time is a great time to go birding.... View on Zazzle
Retro-style Birder T-Shirt – This original design reads "Birder" in a retro style with colored squares. Proud to be a birdwatcher? Sure you are! Wear it with this fun, colorful design! View on Zazzle
I Love Migration I Hate Migration Etc Etc T-Shirt – Birders love migration. That's clear. But what about all the frustration and pain that comes along with the colorful birds ready to breed (in spring migration)... View on Zazzle
Larophile Hoodie – A larophile is someone that loves gulls. Note I did not write "seagulls" because there is no species of bird called a "seagull." If you... View on Zazzle
Nyctophile T-Shirt – A nyctophile is someone that prefers darkness, or the night. This design features a wide-eyed owl of unspecified species flying in a starry night sky. ... View on Zazzle
Life List T-Shirt Keychain – Commemorate a life list milestone with this customizable shirt design! Change the lifer bird number, date it was seen and species of bird for a truly... View on Zazzle
Bin There Done That T-Shirt – Chased the latest rare vagrant already? Seen all the breeding birds in your local patch? Visited far-away places to add to your lifelist? Maybe you've Bin... View on Zazzle
Audubon's Ivory-billed Woodpecker T-Shirt – This great gift for bird lovers features a reproduction of a painting by famed ornithological artist John James Audubon. Three Ivory-billed Woodpeckers hunt for bugs in... View on Zazzle
Elements of Osprey T-Shirt – This original design is the word OSPREY spelled using colorful squares representing elements from the periodic table. Great for bird lovers! You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle
IBWO: I Want To Believe T-Shirt – The Ivory-billed Woodpecker made the news when it was rediscovered after it was thought to be extinct. Concrete evidence eludes bird experts so the bird may... View on Zazzle
iBird T-Shirt – This fun popular spoof has a silhouette of a birder looking through a spotting scope. iBird in blue - a great gift idea for birdwatchers! You... View on Zazzle
quick, three beers! hoodie – This text design is a great in-joke that only a birdwatcher would get. Do you know who says "quick, three beers"? A birder entering a bar... View on Zazzle
Anthophile T-Shirt – An anthophile is someone that loves or is attracted to flowers, or something that feeds on flowers. That sounds like a perfect description of our little... View on Zazzle
Pishers On Trail T-Shirt – Pishing is the use of sound to attract birds. One common method is to loudly whisper "psh psh" when looking for small perching birds, but pishing... View on Zazzle
got birds? T-Shirt – This cute spoof design asks "got birds"? in simple lower-case black or white text. The style or background color can be customized on this birder gift... View on Zazzle
bird a hol ic T-Shirt – This funny birder design is formatted as a definition that would be found in the dictionary. Here the word is birdaholic and the definition is "one... View on Zazzle
I See Birds Eyechart T-Shirt – This funny design is based on an ophthalmologist's eye chart and reads I see birds everywhere I go. You can totally customize this gift! Add text,... View on Zazzle
got scope? T-Shirt – Got scope? A funny spoof design for any birder! You can totally customize this gift! Add text, change the color, move the design around, pick a... View on Zazzle
Stylized Vulture T-Shirt – This simple line-drawing is the unmistakable image of a vulture. The large wings are drawn using just one line each, and a further four lines finish... View on Zazzle
Stylized Vulture T-Shirt – This simple line-drawing is the unmistakable image of a vulture. The large wings are drawn using just one line each, and a further four lines finish... View on Zazzle
Through Rain or Sleet... I Pish T-Shirt – Pishing can be enjoyed in all weather and all times of day or night. A little rain never hurt any pisher. You can totally customize this... View on Zazzle