Mugs for Birders

Old Digiscopers Never Die Coffee Mug – Did you know that old digiscopers never die? Reaching the end just means the focus starts to go. Digiscoping is taking photographs using a spotting scope... View on Zazzle
Birdaholic Coffee Mug – This collegiate-style design reads "Birdaholic." Done in a shade of green that looks great on any color background, dark or light. A fun gift idea for... View on Zazzle
Nyctophile Travel Mug – A nyctophile is someone that prefers darkness, or the night. This design features a wide-eyed owl of unspecified species flying in a starry night sky. ... View on Zazzle
Bird Bander Seal Coffee Mug – This seal reads Federally Licensed Bird Bander. A cute gift for someone who just got her or his bird banding certification. View on Zazzle
American Dippers Like It Wet Mug – Get your mind out of the gutter -- American Dippers are well-known for their unique underwater foraging technique. This original design for birders and bird lovers... View on Zazzle
Support Warbler Neck Awareness Travel Mug – Show your support for an affliction that birders suffer through each migration season: Warbler Neck. This original includes an illustration of a birder looking up, well... View on Zazzle
Military-style B*I*R*D Frosted Glass Coffee Mug – This birder design is inspired by a popular war television drama. Because birding in the field can be pretty tough, you know? View on Zazzle
Colorado Birder Frosted Glass Coffee Mug – This gothic-style shield design reads Colorado Birder and includes a silhouette of the state. A selection of bird silhouettes add to this original design made just... View on Zazzle
Birder 1 travel mug – This cute and funny Birder 1 gift is inspired by a beloved children's book and will no doubt bring a smile to anyone's face! Birder One... View on Zazzle
Trust Me, I'm a Birder Travel Mug – Doesn't the word "birder" instill you with a feeling of confidence? Sure it does. Trust me, I'm a birder. You can customize this funny gift for... View on Zazzle
Birds Well With Others Coffee Mug – This retro-styled design reads "Birds Well With Others." If you prefer birding with a group or with your local club, this cute design is for you.... View on Zazzle
Major League Birder Mug – Are you a birder of major league status? Then this fun spoof design is just for you! View on Zazzle
Birders Gonna Bird Mug – Show off your swagger -- you don't care what non-birders think, do you? Nothing's gonna stop you, especially not any hate. View on Zazzle
Periodic Table of Birding Coffee Mug – Do you know all of the elements that go into birding? Keywords like Habitat, Migration, and Travel join birding legends RTP, Sibley and others along with... View on Zazzle
Carpe Annum Coffee Mug – Carpe Annum - seize the year. This mantra can apply to many life aspects, but this design is specifically aimed at birders. See the birds in the letters? Seize the year! View on Zazzle
IBWO: iLive Mug – This spoof design has the silhouette of a woodpecker with a nearly-white bill. A popular ad spoof done for birders and Ivory-billed Woodpecker enthusiasts. You can... View on Zazzle
Peace Love Bird Travel Mug – Three circles represent peace, love, and bird (the verb). A heart, a peace symbol and a pair of binoculars make up this fun design for birdwatchers.... View on Zazzle
Diagnosis: Bird-Brained Mug – This fun design for birders has an x-ray of a brain full of little bird silhouettes. The text reads "Diagnosis: Bird-brained." This cute original design is... View on Zazzle
bird a hol ic mug – This funny birder design is formatted as a definition that would be found in the dictionary. Here the word is birdaholic and the definition is "one... View on Zazzle
Retro-style Birder Frosted Glass Coffee Mug – This original design reads "Birder" in a retro style with colored squares. Proud to be a birdwatcher? Sure you are! Wear it with this fun, colorful design! View on Zazzle
got birds? Two-Tone coffee mug – This cute spoof design asks "got birds"? in simple lower-case black or white text. The style or background color can be customized on this birder gift... View on Zazzle
Peace Love Bird Coffee Mug – Three circles represent peace, love, and bird (the verb). A heart, a peace symbol and a pair of binoculars make up this fun design for birdwatchers.... View on Zazzle
I Love My Backyard Birds Mug – 11 backyard favorites perch or fly around this great design for backyard birdwatchers. Text reads I LOVE MY BACKYARD BIRDS and is accompanied by color illustrations... View on Zazzle
May Warbler Neck Awareness Month Travel Mug – May is Warbler Neck Awareness Month! Show your support for all birders and spread awareness of the pain of warbler neck by sporting this original design.... View on Zazzle