Those Pesky Empids! Fun Mnemonic Shirt Design

More Fun Empids! Gift Ideas

Empids! Trucker Hat – Hear them sing, that's probably your only chance. What birder doesn't love to hear the song of an Empidonax flycatcher? The ones that don't sing are tyrants indeed. Funny birder gift idea. View on Zazzle

The Birder Spoof Tarot Card T-Shirt

This fun spoof t-shirt for birdwatchers imagines a new tarot card for "The Birder". A pair of binoculars feature prominently in this fun tarot card inspired design. The binoculars icon is captioned with THE BIRDER. This t-shirt makes a...

Periodic Table of Birding Pillow

This elemental design features the entire periodic table rewritten with an ornithological touch. Each actual element is still represented by the traditional letter symbol, but the names of the "elements" all have to do with birds.

[Retired] Premium Quality Birder T-Shirt

This t-shirt for birders has a stamp-style design that's artificially faded for a vintage look. The stamp reads Premium Quality Birder.

Using Zazzle's Tools to Put Birder Gifts Designs on Any Product

Our apparel and gifts are created on demand by our partner Zazzle. When an order is placed, Zazzle jumps into action to create your custom one of a kind gift. We keep our offering simple, showing you a handful of products for each of our birder designs, but...