Birdwatcher Face Masks

If you're going out where you might not be able to keep your physical distance, it's a good idea to wear a face mask. The CDC recommends the use of face coverings in addition to social distancing and other measures to fight the spread of COVID-19. These bird-themed masks share your love of birding without you having to say a word.

Bird Says "Six Feet Please" Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Found on Zazzle

Keep your distance when you can, and wear a mask when you can't. This funny design has a little black cartoon bird saying "Six Feet Please". 

Backyard Birds Cloth Face Mask from Birdorable

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Cartoon birds flock together on a branch. The birds are: American Robin; American Goldfinch; Black-capped or Carolina Chickadee; Northern Cardinal. 

Flock of Snow Geese Photo Reuseable Cloth Face Mask

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This face maks features a photograph of a huge flock of Snow Geese in the skies over Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. 

Patriotic American Flag with Bald Eagle Face Mask

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Cover your face with the stars and stripes and our avian national symbol, the Bald Eagle.

Pretty Watercolor Warblers Reusable Cloth Face Mask

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This mask features a delicate watercolor illustration of warblers perched among leaves. 

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in Flight Cloth Face Mask

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Flying male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are arranged against a perfect blue background. Share the joy of these little winged jewels with this reusable mask.

Birdwatcher Dad Hats for Father's Day

Pick up a baseball-style cap for your dad this Father's Day. The holiday is coming up on June 21, 2020 and with the current global pandemic, it will be one to remember. As the hobby of birdwatching has gained popularity during stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders, more dads than...

Larophile Trucker Hat for Gull Fans & Laridae Lovers

Add "phile" to the end of a word or word stem to indicate love. A Larophile is someone who loves birds in the Laridae family -- gulls and allies.  Gulls can be a challenging family of avian species to study and understand. Different plumages for different age birds adds...