I'm With the Banders Mug

Real Birders Use Four-Letter Words Funny Raglan T-Shirt

This funny Real Birders Use Four-Letter Words t-shirt is a fun gift idea for birders. Do you know the meaning of four-letter word in this context? Let me explain... Bird banders (also called bird ringers, especially in the United Kingdom) use four-letter codes to identify the species they...

Unique Bird Art: Dutch Artist Parrot T-Shirt

This is an old-school illustration on a classic style white t-shirt. The image of Asian parrots is from a painting by Dutch bird artist J. G. Keulmans.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Audubon's Turkey Vultures Tee

Today's featured shirt features an image by the most famous ornithological artist of all time, John James Audubon. This is his painting of Turkey Vultures.

Larophile Trucker Hat for Gull Fans & Laridae Lovers

Add "phile" to the end of a word or word stem to indicate love. A Larophile is someone who loves birds in the Laridae family -- gulls and allies.  Gulls can be a challenging family of avian species to study and understand. Different plumages for different age birds adds...