Father's Day Gift Ideas for Birder Dads

If you're looking for a Father's Day gift for your birdwatching dad, or perhaps for a birding mentor who is also a father figure, consider a fun t-shirt gift idea that highlights both the hobby and fatherhood in the same design. Here are some fun options.

Reminder: Father's Day is Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Birdwatching Dad Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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This long sleeve t-shirt features bold text that reads Birdwatching Dad. The following text is in the style of a dictionary listing, defining the noun as" Like a Normal Dad but Cooler." The slogan is accompanied by an image of a Blue Jay in flight.

Dad: Birdwatching Legend T-Shirt

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This monotone typography t-shirt design in orange reads Dad | The Man | The Myth | The Birdwatching Legend. A bird in silhouette is shown between the lines.

This Daddy Loves Bird Funny T-Shirt

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This fun logo design reads "This Daddy Loves Bird Since Years". The text is ironically stilted, making the t-shirt a funny gift idea for a birdwatching dad with a great sense of humor.

Being a Dad Fun Birdwatcher T-Shirt

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This dynamic typography design features a long slogan that evokes the joys of birding and fatherhood. "There Aren't Many Things I Love More Than Birdwatching But One of Them is Being a Dad" is printed in mixed white fonts. The design really pops on a black t-shirt but would look great on any of the variety of dark colored shirts available for purchase.

Swallow-tailed Kite Cartoon Art Keychain

Soon, Swallow-tailed Kites will return to the southeast of the United States after wintering in South America. These beautiful black and white raptors soar high in the sky; they are a sign of springtime for us here in Florida. We expect to see them at the end of...

BI:RD O'CLOCK Decorative License Plate

You can let everyone know you're a birder when you place this decorative aluminum license plate on the front of your birdmobile. The standard sized license plate can be used on the front of your vehicle in states that don't require two plates or as wall decoration in...

No Outdoor Cats

This is a great graphic design that shows you believe cats belong indoors to protect native wildlife. You might be a cat lover, too, that knows cats have a better quality of life when they are indoor cats.

List: Gift Ideas for Bird Banders

With migration picking up in some areas and the breeding season approaching across much of North America, bird banders are about to get busy. Show appreciation and love for your local bird bander with a fun gift idea made just for them. The gifts here feature designs made exclusively for bird banders.